To wrap up our trip to Asia, we spent a week in Hong Kong, and were able to bring along my Wife’s siblings–two sisters and a brother. We did some sight-seeing and took some excursions as a group (Ocean Park, Stanley Bay, etc.), but on two days, the four of them wanted to shop from sunrise to sunset. Fair enough, Hong Kong is still a shopper’s paradise.

But for my daughters and me, not so much. A whole day of shopping would be too much for them, and I’d rather have a root canal with rusty pliers than shop, so the youngsters and I took off by ourselves in the opposite direction just to explore and play and see what trouble we could get ourselves into.

The big idea was to slowly explore and make our way to Hong Kong Park. We did that, but soon after reaching the park, it began to rain, so–irony alert–we headed back into the shelter of the nearby Pacific Place shopping complex for the rest of the afternoon…which for pre-schoolers can have about the same effect as visiting the park. You know, ride the escalators umpteen times, play hide and seek in Hong Kong Seibu, that sort of thing.

Here are some pictures from that day’s adventure–right up to the point when the rain began.

The girls all ready to hit the pavement on our way out of the hotel room:

Riding the subway from North Point to Central:

On a roof across from the Bank of America Tower:

Just hangin’ out, watchin’ the world go by:

In front of a map outside Hong Kong Park:

At the playground in Hong Kong Park, just as it started to rain:

Next time: Our return trip to Hong Kong Park