Another “Bigfoot Spotted!” video clip taken with my little Nikon Coolpix 2200 (which eats batteries alive; new store-brand and off-brand batteries and Chinese-brand batteries won’t even power it up–minor consolation is that I got it free as a prize in a drawing at my chiropractor’s office, I guess).

You read a lot about the real estate booms and busts in Shanghai and Beijing (on alternate days, depending on what you read), but from what we learned, Xiamen is perhaps a better place to throw some cash into real estate investments if you’re so inclined.

It’s one of China’s top livable cities, and unless some great Hong Kong-style land reclamation project ensues, land remains scarce: Xiamen is an island “garden” city.

If “apartment in China” still brings to your mind visions of cramped five-story concrete blocks with walls decorated only by cheap Chinese New Year calendars, this clip might begin to help squash that notion. Notice the tennis courts and gardens down below and other high-rise towers on the plot. And in the post following this one, I’ll take you inside an apartment (privately-owned; “condo,” I guess) in Xiamen as well.

But for now, click to watch: