To complement the earthshattering (OK, OK, the “camerashaking”) View from the Rooftop of the Family Home entry, here are a few shots from the other side of town in Anhai, from my Wife’s Elder Sister’s apartment.

Or I guess that would technically be “Condo,” since she owns it…but whatever.

This is fairly close to the Anhai Hospital, where she works as a statistician, and looks across a field area to another area with more buildings.

The third shot is really bad quality, but I’m including it to remark the fact that you can stand at her 7th floor kitchen window, look down into the street below, and watch people butcher chickens, ducks and the occasional pig during “regular business hours.”

In that shot we see someone cleaning up after a particularly busy hour of duck “processing.”

View 1 from Elder Sister's Apartment
View 2 from Elder Sister's Apartment
View 3 from Elder Sister's Apartment
View 4 from Elder Sister's Apartment