At our Halloween Party last night, since most of our friends seem also to have daughters, the younger set’s costume stats read this way: Eight Disney Princesses (girls ages 3-6) and one Little Lamb (a four-month old boy).

Running through the post-Halloween list of China Blog entries this morning, though, the name “jellicle cat” caught my eye from the “Eye of Modok” feed and I just had to click on through.

Very cool: There are Modok’s daughters, ages six and nine, one done up as a Jellicle Cat from ALW’s “CATS” and the other in a disturbingly authentic-looking (meaning “Good job!”) “Corpse Bride” get-up. Great make-up work by Modok’s wife, Salomae. Seriously. I had to click through to their family photo gallery just for visual confirmation that there really is a cute and happy little girl in there behind the fangs and blood and dark sunken eyes. (There is).

I don’t want to steal that thunder, so go to the entry Happy Halloween 2006! yourself for the photos.

This gives me hope that next year one or both of my daughters will want to dress up as someone besides Cinderella. Or Belle. Or Sleeping Beauty. Or Ariel. Or Snow White.

At the very least, I think I’ll start to keep an eye out for Mulan costumes, but I’m really wondering how a pair of little matching Red Guard uniforms would go over….