This blog was launched in January 2006 so I’d have a place to post stories, pictures and videos from my family’s trip back to China earlier this year, but in early May I decided to take a break from the travelogue itself.

In the meantime, this blog replaced my Chinese Outpost site’s monthly newsletter as the online corkboard where I stick notes and observations on other China-related topics. (Blogs are so much easier. Maybe too easy.)

But today, we’re re-christening this as the “2006 Trip to China” blog for the rest of this year, just like the site title has said all along: Postcards from China: An American who taught in China in 1993-94 returns for an extended visit with his native Chinese wife and their two pre-schoolers.

And an interesting thing: In going back and looking at the pictures and videos I took in China earlier this year, a number of them that didn’t seem worth posting then now strike me differently, so before we continue the story where we left off in May–just about to head to Quanzhou–I’m going to spend just a little time backtracking for some snippets that didn’t make the first cut.

In other news, the handwritten journals I kept and 35mm snapshots I took during my first year in China, some 13 years ago, are now going online at their very own site–just for fun, please don’t take it too seriously–under the descriptor of China Grunge: Tales of a Gen-X Expat in China, 1993-94. If you’re into China Blogs, this one may be a decent sounding board for What’s Changed and What’s The Same in China vs. thirteen years ago–and because the entries were selected with much hindsight, there’s hardly any whining. 😉