It may interest you to know that I survived minor surgery in a filthy Chinese hospital operating room in 1994 (skin cancer), but here’s a photo set in support of “the modernization of Chinese hospitals.”

The Jinjiang Hospital–like so many other major highlights of the Jinjiang region–is in Qingyang.

Chinese medicine still holds some surprises for Westerners; and even for some emigrated Chinese. Both my Wife and a friend of ours originally from Beijing, now living in the States for several years, have gotten into “disagreements” with Chinese doctors here over the recommended treatments for our kids. For any flu-like symptoms, the doctors have wanted to start I.V. rehydration plans and run a series of x-rays (X-rays? Huh?).

We’ve declined.

But the hospitals themselves are looking good. 😉

Here are some shots of the one in Qingyang…and by the way, that’s a statue of Norman Bethune in the sixth picture. Why they rendered his English name that way, as “Henvy Ivoman Bet-hune,” I can only guess….