When my Wife’s Younger Brother told us he is thinking of buying an apartment in Qingyang, I pictured a decent looking place on the inside with the normal drab appearance on the outside. But “Prepare to be astounded,” he might as well have said as the taxi approached this new housing development for us to take a look.

This vast development has more of an “exclusive gated community” feel to it–one with uniformed Chinese policemen pulling guard duty–with some shops that most Chinese won’t be spending money in soon out front: high end jewelry, high end real estate, high end travel agency…you get the idea.

The more we walked around the grounds, the more I thought this would all look more at home in some nice corner of Europe or well-to-do end of Hong Kong.

Here are some pictures….

Looking at the main entrance area from across the road:

Scenes near the interior courtyard:

Some of the single-family dwellings:

Over the wall at the end of this lane, we see how buildings more typically look in “the rest of China:

Peek over an outer wall and check out the construction debris: