So there we were, right across from the Ford dealership, stranded on The Highway to Hell trying to hail a cab to take us on in to downtown Qingyang.

Not easy.

Cabs do go by that stretch of highway, but most seem to be full of other passengers already heading somewhere.

After quite some time of waiting, I got bored and took a couple traffic photos.

In this one, with the Ford dealership in the background, notice the truck that has just whipped out into traffic, other fast-moving vehicles be damned as they swerve to avoid a collision:

But still no cab.

So I took some video.

This one shows some fast moving vehicles–and a guy on a bike-cart at the end–going in the direction we want to go:

In this next one, more traffic, looking in the opposite direction, and watch that “Bonzai!!!” turn across the traffic lanes there at the end:

Finally, after half an hour, an empty cab came along, but it was headed in the opposite direction. So it did a “Bonzai!!!” u-turn of its own, nearly causing pile-ups in both directions, complete with screeching tires and a blare of honking horns.

Deadly dangerous, but we were overjoyed to see it.