This post will be of interest more to our friends and family, many of whom have asked for more pictures of the kids, but I’ll try to cast this with a blog-gier angle. 😉

My Wife’s Elder Sister’s Son (i.e. the Nephew) is a blaze of energy; we get worn out sometimes just watching him, or even hearing him chattering away in the next room.

I was therefore a little concerned when I saw him grab my Wife’s Younger Brother’s camera one day, but since his Uncle didn’t seem to concerned, I decided to let it slide too.

Later, I was looking at the pictures he took and found nice portraits of light switches, a pair of shoes and other “useless” subjects (including a 50-photo series of the TV when his favorite cartoon was on; looked like a reverse-engineered crude storyboard).


But then I found the next “series” he took: numerous photos of his cousins: my Wife’s Younger Sister’s 5-year-old daughter, and my 4- and 2-year-old daughters, and I knew the boy was on to something.

There are some wonderful playful expressions there that we parents–and even some hired photographers back in Seattle-have never captured, and so I’m posting some of my favorites here–and I thought you should know that the photographer is a 7-year-old “big cousin” here in Anhai.

My 5-Year-Old Niece:

My 4-Year-Old Daughter:

My 2-Year-Old Daughter: