Update, February 8: If you want to risk your life enjoy a ride in one of these contraptions, you’d better hurry. We learned today that many surrounding communities who utilized this form of transportation have already outlawed them, and they become illegal in Anhai on July 1st of this year. Reason: Not safe (uh, it took them this long to figure that out?) A few years back, my Wife’s Younger Sister was hurt pretty bad when one she was riding in tipped over, in fact, so overall this is good news. But now it means we’ll have to walk, or hire a more expensive car, to head to the other side of town.

When you want to travel more than a few blocks on a main street in Anhai, it’s common to do so in what I’ve dubbed “Anhai Taxis.” These are actually sort of modern rickshaws, I suppose, Frankensteined together in a way.

The driver sits on what was originally a plain old motorcycle, but the back wheel has been removed and a tiny cab with two wheels has been more or less welded onto the back–the inside seats four very uncomfortably-with all the moving parts revamped into this new design.

Some locals originally “invented” this vehicle hybrid, I was told, but now own “fleets” of them, with people from outside this area (Northerners, as described in an earlier post) hired as drivers.

A trip of half a mile or so costs just 5 RMB, or just over 60 U.S. cents.