Today’s highlight was a visit to Longshan Temple here in Anhai. But while the one we visited a few days ago was deserted–everyone was out making holiday preparations–the temple today was packed to the hilt with people, incense smoke, and still more people. It’s a big deal, visiting a temple on the first day of the New Year, as it’s obviously the best time to pray for a good year.

I was worried that my Daughters would be too overwhelmed by the throng, but they did OK. We explained to them what this meant and what that meant as much as we could, and they either didn’t seem to notice, or chose not to acknowledge, that we were a main attraction for a lot of people.

So here they are, pictures from our visit to Longshan Temple in Anhai, Fujian Province, on Chinese New Year’s Day (January 29, 2006 on the Western Calendar).